Scuba instructor & tour guide for Siciy

Gunnar, personal scuba instructor and special tour guide for Sicily.

Hi, my name is Gunnar,
first of all, thanks for visiting my Sicilian.Net website, if you think that I've done a good job, I would love to see your comments in my google plus site, critics are also welcome, because the job is not finished yet, I'm trying to make the Sicilian.Net better each and every day, bringing informations which makes it easier for you to plan your vacation here in Sicily.

You're wondering why a German is making a website about Sicily? Well, let me explain.

1975, I learned my profession in Spain and went as a scuba instructor to Sicily three years later. And still here I am, same place, same sea.. In the beginning, each winter I made different jobs to keep things going on, in Germany, in the Caribbean or the Red Sea - until the internet finally cames to Italy. The of april 1998, Sicilian.Net was born. Two years before I made allready a small website about my dive center and the succsess pushed me to make my own domain. Sicily.Com was allready given and after joking a little bit with the words Sicily and Sicilian I came to Sicilian.Net. The main idea was: "If you want people to come to visit Sicily, you need to show them Sicily". I bought my first digital camera and in the off-season I made excursions all around Sicily, now I dont go out anymore without a camera. The result: thousands of photos from Sicily token by myself. Who knows Sicily better than a stranger in a land of his choyce? Just take a look at Sicilian.Net and my photo Album and You'll understand that I can show You the most of its beauty.